Digital Media Internship


What the Internship entails

Seeds of Grace, a growing nonprofit organization, is looking for an intern who is looking to develop and refine their skills. Help us grow into the future by creating video records of high quality which can be used as commercials and raise awareness for what we do; building sustainable, organic gardens locally and around the world to feed God's Sheep. Your gifts will be appreciated as a resource that we will help you leverage for your future. We will also be great stewards of the blessings you give us in your time, effort and energy.

We would like to have someone available for garden builds, work parties, celebrations, awareness events and fundraising events. If you can shoot and edit footage, cut it together and build the commercials, all the better. We require someone who can understand the mission of Seeds of Grace and be able to articulate that through your medium of specialty.

We have some equipment - a couple of DSLR's, a few goPros and tripods. We also have a drone... We have back up batteries and spare parts... We need someone who knows how to use all of it and perhaps has a few pieces of their own. 

Our ideal candidate will have an existing portfolio of their work that exhibits their growth as a photographer/ videographer. They will be trustworthy and be able to pass a background check, as your work will also be with children and the vulnerable population. They will be available every Saturday throughout March and April in 2018 as well as occasional days in June and July to document first harvest celebrations. Your attention to detail must be acute. We are looking for a two year commitment, and we would like 4 videos in that two years. 

We are willing to create a team of Digital Media Interns, as we realize the amount of time this position will demand of one person; therefore, we encourage several people to apply, and if you work better with someone, please share this post with them. 

We will keep a record of your hours, and be happy to submit an evaluation to your instructor if necessary. All photographs, videos etc taken on Seeds of Grace equipment remain the property of Seeds of Grace, while anything taken on your own equipment will remain your property and Seeds of Grace will ask your permission to use them. Though your finished video remains your property, Seeds of Grace will have the right to show it in any circumstances that call for it.

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